Journal Publications

  1. A Many-Cornered Thing: The Role of Heritage in Indian Nation-Building. B. Hole. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding (2013).
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  2. Adventures in data citation: sorghum genome data exemplifies the new gold standard. S.C. Edmunds, T.J. Pollard, B. Hole and A.T. Basford. BMC Research Notes 5:223 (2012).
  3. The LIFE3 Predictive Costing Tool for Digital Collections. B. Hole, P. Wheatley, L. Lin, P. McCann and B. Aitken, New Review of Information Networking, 15(2):81-93 (2010).
  4. Overcoming Structural Violence: The WAC Inter-Congress in Ramallah August 2009. B. Hole, Public Archaeology, 9(1):48-57 (2010).
  5. Courtney Jung: The Moral Force of Indigenous Politics: Critical Liberalism and the Zapatistas. B. Hole, Public Archaeology 7(4):265-269 (2008).
  6. ‘Playthings for the Foe’: The Repatriation of Human Remains in New Zealand. B. Hole, Public Archaeology, 6(1):5-27 (2007).

Book Chapters

  1. A Call for Open Scholarship in Archaeology. B. Hole. In: Bonacchi, C, (ed.) Archaeologists and Digital Communication: Towards Strategies of Public Engagement. Archetype: London, UK (2012).
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